Family Links Friday 3.8.19

Family Friday Links.png

Here’s what we’ve been benefiting from online this week:

Chuck Lawless had a post on confronting sin. This is something we tend to shy away from. In the post, Lawless list reasons why this is so and how to overcome our excuses. This is an important post for all believers; but especially for parents who take seriously their role as primary disciple-makers of their children.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship had a post by Jennifer Oshman on the gospel and friendship. She laments, “I’m keen to share my life, but often hesitate to share the gospel. I’m quick to share meals, share experiences, and share stories, but timid when it comes to spiritually opening up.” This post is a good reminder of the urgency of sharing the gospel in our everyday lives.

Jonathan Hayashi had a post on rebellious youth. He says, “The church should be troubled by the types of sin and brokenness present in such families with at-risk teens.” These teens are in your church to some degree. The church has a responsibility to them as well as their parents. This is an important for church leadership to be working through.

What have you been reading online this week? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out!