Family Links Friday 5.3.19


Here’s what we’ve been reading online lately:

Cam Hyde had a post on discipling kids. His basic point is that anything we start is going to be awkward to in the beginning. That doesn’t mean that we should use that awkwardness as an excuse not to do that thing. He goes on to list 2 things to keep in mind as we we are discipling our kids. He concludes with this great reminder, “… I promise that it’s never too late to start.” Be encouraged by reading this post.

Parent Ministry had a great post on kids and cell phones. The post concludes this way, “… if you are intentional on when/how you give it, you will find that this can be another connection to bring you and your student closer together!” This is a challenge for most (and by that I mean all) parents. This post will help you think it through.

Brent Prentice had a post on For the Church on kids and baptism, answering the question when should a child be baptized. This is a hard questions for both parents and pastors alike. This post will help by pointing both to most, if not all, of the relevant questions that need to be answered.

What have you been reading online and benefitting from lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.