Interview with KidCheck About Their Check-in Application

About a month ago, Pat wrote a personal testimonial about why his church uses the KidCheck Check-in system. Today, I'm following that up with some their answers to the questions I've been sending to various check-in companies. I hope this is helpful for you as you consider check-in systems for your church community. 

1. What is the heart of your company? Why does your company exist?

KidCheck has an unwavering commitment to child safety, to our customers, and to being the best children’s check-in solution available.  At KidCheck we have a passion for child safety and how technology can help churches caring for children.  The reason KidCheck started was the desire to help equip churches with effective, easy-to-use solutions that improve safety and efficiency, and to deliver them at an exceptional value.  

2. What makes your company different than others?

Relationships are at the heart of KidCheck. Relationships with the churches we serve; and the relationships we hope to help make stronger between the church, and the parents and children they care for.  

When someone signs up for KidCheck, one of the first things they hear is, “Welcome to the KidCheck family!” Our customers are important to us, each and every one of them.  We want to partner with our customers. This means being readily available to help in whatever way we can, and bringing additional value beyond our children’s check-in software.  

We’re here to help and are readily accessible. We provide free phone, email, and chat support six days a week, including Sunday mornings. We offer free training, both right at sign up with KidCheck, and any time after a customer feels it may be helpful.   We have a blog on our website and a podcast series that provide best practice information, suggestions, and tips cross multiple topics such as safety, technology, and relationships. We take the time to show churches how KidCheck works with a free demo prior to signing up, so they can see KidCheck in action, obtain the information they need, and answer any questions before making a decision. 

KidCheck works with each customer individually to set up the check-in system in the way that best meets their individual needs. It’s “your KidCheck” and we work together to understand each church’s campus environment, programs/services, data and reporting needs to set them up to get the most value out of KidCheck. 

3. What should people consider as they choose a check in company?

There are so many important benefits for churches associated with implementing a children’s check-in solution. These include: improving child safety, streamlining the check-in process, improving attendance tracking, creating a positive parent and visitor experience, less time on administrative tasks and more time ministering to kids. 

There are also multiple factors to consider when choosing the right children’s check-in solution. Items to consider include: the features available, especially those around child safety, including medical/allergy information; how easy and intuitive the system is to learn, use, and understand; how well you’ll be trained and supported; how quickly and easily you can access that support; how complete and easy-to-use the data output and reports are; and the value for the money. 

One thing to keep in mind, regardless of the check-in solution a church uses, it’s only as strong as the people using it. No check-in system will keep the kids safe without proper implementation, staff training, and design. The system and procedures a church implements must be ones personnel and volunteers can quickly understand, consistently use, and easily follow.  

4. What size church would you say your company works best with?

KidCheck works well for any size church, whether it’s a small growing church, middle sized, or a large established church.  KidCheck provides a robust feature set across various edition levels, allowing each church to choose the edition and number of check-in stations that best meets their individual needs and size. Our goal is to make easy-to-use, effective check-in solutions available and affordable to churches of all sizes. 

Plus, KidCheck offers a level of flexibility others don’t. Customers can change editions or the number of check-in licenses needed at any time. There are no hidden costs, set up fees, or long term contracts.  

5. Are there any other benefits to your company people should consider as they are contemplating a check in company?

At KidCheck, children’s check-in is specifically what we do. It’s our focus, it’s our passion, it’s our heart. 

Another unique feature of KidCheck is our parent maintained accounts. Parents set up a free KidCheck account, and they input and maintain contact and allergy information, as well as authorized and unauthorized guardians, and photos. This provides churches with real-time, current data, and saves the time of setting up and maintaining the database themselves. 

Making KidCheck the best children’s check-in solution available is our goal and our purpose. We are constantly looking to obtain and implement customer feedback and ideas to improve ourselves and our check-in solution.  These updates, new features, and improvements are automatically provided to customers at no extra cost.   

6. Why should people care about security at their church? 

Not only is child safety a hot topic in the news, it’s on almost every parent’s mind.  When a family is choosing a church, they are absolutely looking at the safety and security associated with the children’s ministry area.  Whether they are checking a church out, or already a member, when parents see a secure children’s check-in solution and associated procedures, they are more comfortable leaving their child in your care.  

Clearly and visibly making the statement that child security is important immediately provides peace-of-mind.  You are stating, “We care about you. We care about your children. We care about excellence.” Not to mention, having safety procedures and easily accessible and accurate data tracking can help protect from liability.  No one wants to be put in a position where the church, or they themselves, may be held liable, financially or legally, for a child leaving with the wrong person.

The author has not and does not receive any compensation for highlighting this product.