Join Me at the ETCH Family Ministry Conference

Ministry to kids doesn’t end at elementary school. While preschoolers, kids and students do have different needs, families desire a sense of consistency and continuity within your church from birth through high school. My friends at LifeWay Kids believe we need to walk with kids and families to etch the Word of God onto the hearts and minds of our children. This year, the theme of the LifeWay ETCH Family Ministry Conference is Nothing Less--building on our conviction that nothing less than the whole Bible can make a whole Christian.

ETCH stands for Equipping the Church and Home. This Family Ministry Conference will excite, inspire, and engage your Kids, Student, Next Gen, and Family Ministry teams. I'll be joining Lifeway in Nashville on October 16-18, 2017, to lead the two breakout sessions below. Check out the conference website at I hope you can join us in Nashville for ETCH.

Grace-Based Classroom Management

One of the most important skills for a classroom teacher to learn is how to manage classroom behavior. This is particularly tricky for leaders who are conscientious about the gospel. We know we’re not saved by our performance so creating a list of classroom rules or giving too much attention to how well behaved children are can seem harsh or legalistic. On the other hand, if a teacher doesn’t think about managing behavior at all, our classrooms can get completely out of control. This breakout provides helpful tips for classroom management, shares strategies for managing particularly disruptive or persistent negative behaviors, and reviews a few things you should never do.

Preparing a Team of Large Group Teachers
(taught with Sam Luce)

We'll provide resources for equipping children's ministry leaders to teach in large group environments. The breakout will include tips for writing biblically grounded large group lessons. We'll also talk about putting the large group lesson to memory, preparing well, and providing a clear evaluation for your team.