Podcasts with Pat Aldridge

Podcasts are the new radio! And Gospel Centered Family has a star in the making. In Fall and Winter of 2016, my friend and collaborator, Pat Aldridge, did just a bit of a podcast circuit. He talks about children's ministry, hanging out, and tells a bit of his own story. Give a listen!

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Hanging Out (Episode 11 of Doctrine and Devotion on August 15, 2016). Jimmy Fowler and Joe Thorne are chaperoned by Pat Aldridge, the Community Life Pastor at Redeemer Fellowship. They brought in Pastor Pat to talk about an aspect of ministry seldom discussed or valued: hanging out.

Children's Ministry (Doctrine and Devotion on October 16, 2016) Pat talks with hosts with Jimmy Fowler and Joe Thorne about children's ministry. This is not so much about what programs work best for kids, but how the local church can come alongside parents to help them disciple their children.


Interview with Pat Aldridge (Notes from the Road on December 9, 2016) "He’s doing what?" That's what Pat's friend Corby Stephens asked when he heard that Pat was in ministry. This episode of Notes From The Road reunites friends who have known one another since early in high school. They taught Children’s Ministry together as high school students and helped with kids camps. Listen in!