Reflections on Our First Meet-Up

Last week we gathered in Louisville, around the Together for the Gospel conference and had a quick meet up with like minded Children's, Youth and Family Ministry people who were in town. We were supposed to hear from Sam Luce and Marty Machowski. We ended up hearing from Sam Luce and Gil McConnell, due to a family emergency on Marty's part. The topic of the event was spiritual vitality.

As I drove home from Louisville, I reflected on what was shared. We ended our time on the topic of training and leading. Here are two statements--one from each of the guys--that stuck out to me:

Sam: "Know your church's culture, what they value. Know your pastor and where his passions are. Know your mission."

Gil (quickly following up on what Sam said): "We need to able to make the connection between the mission of the church and how it relates to the mission of our ministry for our people."

I was challenged by what these guys said. How well do I know the calling and mission of my local church? How intentional have I been about relating that vision and calling to the specific ministries I lead? Do I know the core convictions and values of the church where I lead? And are those convictions integrated into every aspect of what I do in children's, youth, and community ministry?

How about you? Have you spent time recently reflecting on the core convictions of your local church and how those convictions relate to what you do? 

The meet-up is something we'd love to do again. It was an excuse for the three of us who blog here to be together. That doesn't happen as often as any of us would like. When we do get together again, what topics would you like us cover? Feel free to leave that suggestion in the comment section, or, if you got to attend, leave a word of thanks below for Sam and Gil.