Family Friday Links 4.3.15

Here is what we've found helpful online this past week:

A teacher friend of mine (Pat), member of my church, and public educator linked to this post about the connection between learning and moving/touching. It reads, "Movement, or physical activity, is thus an essential factor in intellectual growth, which depends upon the impressions received from outside." Do we think about this connection within the four walls of the church? Should we?

Amy Julia Becker had a post on what kids need to learn about Easter. She concludes her post this way, "Easter reminds us to practice resurrection every day, and to trust that the holy and mysterious power that rose Jesus from the dead can continue to make us, and our children, new."  Parents, this is post you need to read.

Brian Haynes had a post entitled, "Hope and Help When Home is Broken". He writes, "Despite our best efforts, brokenness can quickly invade our homes. Everyone experiences moments or seasons of brokenness; in their marriages, with their children, in their lives." This post give reasons why this happens, as well as practical ways of how to correct it.

I (Pat) forget where or how I ran across this last post (probably somewhere on Twitter), but I'm glad I did. It's on the topic of protecting kids from porn addiction. It's written from a therapist's point of view. The author makes the point that porn "... doesn’t discriminate and there’s no formula for who can become addicted." This post gives parents the weapons they need as they attempt to protect their kids.

What have you been reading online this week? Leave a comment and maybe even a link for us to check out.