Family Friday Links 9.18.15

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

The Husband Revolution blog had a post reminding husband of the importance of being present. The author has practical suggestions that most husbands need to hear. If you're a husband, check out this post.

Kyle Strobel had a post on conferencing. He defines it this way, "Conferencing, in a nutshell, is something of a mix between accountability partners and small groups." He goes on to explain 2 benefits of this approach, "First, Christians were expected to have a deep and growing knowledge of Scripture, forcing congregants, families, and friends to search the Scriptures together. Even if you did believe the pastor was right, you had to use your own means to prove it. Second, you had to talk about the truth of your heart in relation to the Scripture and the doctrine of the sermon." Go read the rest of the post to find out how to apply this in a family context.

Church 4 Every Child had a post on foster kids. It starts out this way, "Churches planning ministry initiatives to serve kids in foster care need first to develop competency at serving kids with serious mental health issues and their families." Pastors, we need to think critically about how we do what we do and why.

What have you been reading and benefitting from online? Leave us a link in the comment section and we'll check it out.