Family Friday Links 12.4.15

Here's what we've been reading online this past week:

Joshua Becker wrote a post on gifts kids won't forget. He asks the question, "What gifts will truly impact their lives and change them forever?" He then list 35 things alphabetically that parents should be giving their kids. Moms and Dads have you considered these gifts?

Jonathan Leeman wrote a post on principles for student ministry. While admitting he has no expertise in Youth Ministry, he hits on 6 things those that are serving should be brainstorming with their teams through.

Dayton Hartman had a post on things men should say to their wife. It reads, "... even though her primary form of communication for love is centered on acts of service, there are things she needs to hear. In thinking about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that all wives, whether affirmation is their primary love language or not, need to hear their husband say these six things: ..." What are those 6 things, go read the post to find out.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.