Family Friday Links 4.26.16

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Caesar Kalinowski on his blog wrote and shared a video about 7 principles on praying for your child's future spouse. Caesar says, "All of this helps you see your child as a person that you’re preparing for an abundant adult life. You’re not just praying that they’ll find a good husband or wife, but preparing them for meaningful adult relationships. That sounds like discipleship to me." 

The Desiring God blog posted on grandparents spoiling their grandkids. I have a multiple conversations with parents about this topic. I thought this post maybe helpful in thinking through grandparent and grandkids relationships. Dr. John Piper says, "There should be a united front. This would be beautiful. There should be a united front of biblical principle that the kids discern in parents and grandparents. They (grandparents) should see it as a tradition. There is a legacy here. These standards are coming down from generation to generation. I am going to embrace them and use them someday. So let’s be done with the notion that grandparents should spoil their grandkids. We shouldn’t. We should bless them in every possible spiritual way that we can and shouldn’t let material gifts get in the way of that goal."

Beth Broom from The Village Church posted about Savoring Family Worship. Broom says, "My encouragement to us all during this Family Worship Weekend is to savor. Listen to the extra noises. Watch the children running around. Allow your heart to be blessed by the untidiness and unpredictability that is family. Let us think of it not as a distraction but as something that endears us to each other. And let us be so grateful for those who preach the gospel to our children week in and week out while we sit in “big church.” They understand well the opportunity and privilege of training children to worship. May the same be said of us as we gather from largest to smallest." 

Shanna Mallon at Desiring God  wrote a piece for moms (or dads) on posting on social media. Affirming parents that the Secret Sacrifices Matter! Mallon says, "So as mothers, when we’re wiping another mess, making another meal, losing sleep, or wondering if this quiet work matters at all, we can take hold of delight — not just in the affection we feel for our precious children, but also in the truth that serving them matters to our God. This is why our humdrum, ordinary, simple days are important: Because we believe they are important to him. In every moment, he is with us. He is in us. He hears us. He sees us. He is, in our days at home as anywhere else, working out his purposes in a thousand ways we cannot see and like and comment on in this life."

What are some of the things that you are reading? Please share in the comments!