Family Friday Links 8.21.15

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

Greg Baird wrote a post on leaders and church attendance. He reminds leaders, "When we don't attend services, we give our family and our volunteers permission not to attend." He goes on to list other reasons as well. Leaders, this is an important warning we need to take seriously.

Scott Turansky wrote a post on the importance of parental self control. He wrote, "Self-control helps a person say no to temptation and choose the right course of action in difficult situations." Parents, we need this as much and sometimes more than our kids.

Nick Batzig wrote a post on teaching kids the hard parts of Scripture. He says, "Whether it is a reference to the Old Covenant sign of circumcision going on the male reproductive organ or some part of a biblical story being discussed in Sunday School--there is no way to avoid exposing our children to the raw portions of Scripture in a biblically faithful church. In fact, I would suggest that we are called to expose them to the reality of these things in the right way." This is important to think through both parent's and church's to think though as we look teach our kids all of redemptive history.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we'll check it out.