Family Friday Links 9.11.15

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

Jason Byerly had a post that I (Pat) recently came across on the topic of helping kids understand God's love. He writes, "The number one way you can help your child embrace this truth is to live it out yourself." This is a helpful reminder for all parents.

Chad Ashby had a post on the Desiring God blog entitled "Two Bedtime Prayers for Weary Parents". He starts it out by saying this, "God has called parents to a difficult task." He goes on to list two simple prayers that get to the heart of the parenting dilemma. Parents, check out the post and see what they are.

Brian Howard had an extremely practical post on kids and allowance. He says, "Having your kids manage their own money in these six categories teaches them how to budget, give, save, and still set aside money for things they want or need." Parents, I'm not going to list the categories, but I'll tell you from reading through them, it covers all the bases.

What have you been reading online? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.

Family Friday Links 3.13.15

Here's the Friday links--evening edition. Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Rob Rienow had a post about kids, being "on mission", and money. It concludes this way, "No matter what financial state your family is in right now, ask God for the grace to be “faithful with a little” so that you might increasingly use the resources He gives you to strengthen your church, support your family, and spread the gospel." Rob gives helpful, biblical tips to keep in mind when teaching our kids about money.

Amy Julia Becker started a series over on Christianity Today on  Christians and contraception. She wrote, "I eventually came to the conclusion that we are stewards of our bodies and our families, which means that contraception—in conjunction with prayer and conversation with a community of faith—can find a proper place in family planning. But I wish we had been willing to pray about our hopes and fears and the decisions we made when it came to birth control instead of trying to keep God and fellow Christians out of that conversation." I believe this will be an extremely helpful series on an important topic.

Paul Maxwell had a post on Desiring God on the topic of young men needing older men in their lives. He writes, "No matter what the young, stubborn punk in your life says, we want to mature ... we want to grow." This goes both ways and applies to woman as well as men.

Sam Luce wrote a post about parenting and prayer. It says in part, "We can not parent, lead or guide our kids without the power of the Gospel with out the grace that prayer drives us into." Parents, prayer should our first option, not our last resort.

What have you been reading online? If you've found it helpful and/or encouraging, leave us a comment and link to check out.