Family Friday Links 5.5.17

Here's what we've been reading and resinating with online this week:

Russell Moore had a response / warning post about the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. He wrote, "13 Reasons Why, I fear, just might fuel the pull to suicide in some because the storyline itself furthers the illusion that suicide is “fixing” something—even if only bringing a kind of closure to the character arcs of the supporting figures in the drama." Parents, this post will help you talk to your kids about a show the've either seen or at least heard about.

Gospel Taboo had a post on talking to kids about sex. It reads, "...  the goal of the sex talk isn’t to maintain purity because they never had it to begin with ... We want to teach them how God says sex will be most enjoyed." Parents, this is a helpful post for a hard subject.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship had a post on marriage, and the idea of oneness. It reads in part, "... [the] marriage covenant is a commitment to cultivating oneness between us. One of the main aims of our love and marriage is oneness." While it's not always easy, this is something that that takes selfless, grace-filled work.