Family Friday Links 1.1.16

Happy New Year from Gospel Centered Family! We hope you have a blessed 2016! 

This week Ed Stetzer posted about The Importance of Teaching the Big Story, Not Just Morals on his blog at Christianity Today. He shared excerpts from a conference call from six church leaders from across the country. During the phone call he asked the church leaders the following question, "why it is important for kids to know the storyline of the Bible and why it is important to teach more than moralism."  

For The Church posted about 5 Habits for Pastor Dad. The author, Dayton Hartman writes, "Dear pastor, the most important flock you will ever shepherd number in the hundreds and they will never pay you. The most important people you’ve been given to shepherd are the members of your family, especially your are a few simple habits that will get you on the trajectory to being a healthy "pastor dad."

The website Monergism posted a robust Reading Guide for 2016. This is one of the best lists of recommended reading I have seen. It has recommendations for introductory readers to advanced readers. It also has fantastic recommendations for children's books. If you love reading you should check out this reading guide! 

The blog Empowered Living wrote a good blog about how to Create Space For Your Family. They write, "Creating space around and within our schedule allows for freedom of movement and understanding and don't forget the occasional panic attack. The question is "how."....Let's think about creating some space for our family pace. Let's think about setting a few healthy boundaries or borders or margins or limits or space so life makes sense!" 

Greg Baird posted a blog about Dealing with Weariness. Greg writes, "We all go through seasons – short or long – where we become weary.... The truth is, life is hard! I don’t believe there are any formulas for dealing with these season, but here are a few things I’ve learned to do during my seasons of weariness" As we head into 2016 this is a good article to prepare for the new year.