Family Friday Links 2.13.15

Happy Friday the 13th (... if you believe in that sort of thing ... if you do, we need to talk ... seriously.) Here's our list of what we'v been reading online this past week.

Greg Baird had a post on what the role of Children's ministry pastor/leader is and isn't, and then give reasons why. He wrote, "(as a Children Ministry pastor/leaders) ... I should not be the one teaching (kids) ... at least not on a week to week basis. Why? Well, it not the teaching part, it's about leadership." He has 3 reasons why. Pastors and leaders we need to keep the reasons in mind.

Stephen Altrogge had a post on why worldview isn't enough to save our kids. The post starts to  conclude this way, "Worldview is important, but I can't rest with simply teaching mysids how tho think. I need to also show them the surpassing joy of knowing Christ." This is a good word to parents.

Sam Luce read the above post and had a response. He says in part, "A Christian Worldview uses God as tool to be right; a Gospel Worldview sees Jesus as valuable, as beautiful and someone to be worshiped and adored." While it think both agree in principle, both perspectives need to be held in balance.

A Holy Experience had a post on kids and fame. In it, the author writes, "The frame of a soul was never made for fame. The frame of a soul was made to serve." Parents, our kids need to hear this message, often.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a comment, and a link if possible, and one of us will check it out.