Why We Do VBS

At Redeemer Fellowship, the church where I serve as a pastor, has put on an annual VBS during the summer since its beginning 8 years ago. While we've done it at different times and in different ways with a variety of curriculums, we continue to do it for very a very specific reason. We value being intentional with the mission God has given us to make disciples of the kids in our church, their friends, and the kids in our neighborhood. We don't do it perfectly. We still have a lot to learn, but we see God using VBS. Beyond the call to make disciples, there are a few other reasons I'm all for VBS:

People (besides me) are passionate about it

As the Community Life Pastor, I love it when people come to me wanting to do something like this for several reasons. First (and kind of selfishly), they want to do it... not just have me do it. There is a handful of moms (and a few dads) who want to provide this to the church and community and are willing to put a ton of time into it. What they are looking for is support, encouragement, and the resources they need to make this successful. VBS gives them another outlet to exercise and grow in the gifts God has given them.

Our kids get excited about it

The kids of Redeemer Fellowship enjoy it. They enjoy participating. As they get older, there are opportunities for them to start learning the value of serving as well. This gives us leaders another opening to lead them towards maturity.

It's an opportunity to be intentional

While we don't use VBS as the only time to show to Jesus to kids, we do see it as another opportunity to be intentional. Summer is time when schedules are relaxed, and as a parent, I know I have a tendency to relax and rest as well. VBS is another opportunity I have to intentionally pour into our kids.

We do VBS, not because we think we have to or should, but because we value the opportunity. With each passing year, we are trying to do it better. Whether you choose to do it or not, make the most of the time you have to make disciples.