Best Things Heard at the 2015 D6 Conference




It was really a joy to be able to attend the D6 conference in 2015. After each general session, I posted some of the tweetable highlights, and now I've compiled them all here in one place:

Ron Hunter

"We don't want to launch skipping stones but launch battleships."

"Kids take their cues about the reality of life from Mom and Dad. Their values are your values."

"Ephesians 6, the armor of God, we should be building generational gladiators."

Shaunti Feldhahn

"The one common denominator for success or failure of marriage; having a sense of hope or futility."

"Marriage isn't hard, but it does take hard work."

"Most problems in marriages are not caused by "big ticket" issues."

Pete Wilson

"When in the Bible did God ever give someone an easy task? Never."

"Be like David who took care of sheep."

"You are the same at home that you are at work, just more tired."

Alvin Sanders

"We've lost the ability to look at the great commission with fresh eyes."

"How do you define who your "neighbor" is?"

"You aren't reaching your community if you aren't reaching the demographic of your community."

Tim Elmore

"Draw new maps as you move into new territory."

"Is what you do based on past tradition or future needs?"

"How E.P.I.C. are you?" (Experiential, Participatory, Image rich, and Connected)

Phil Vischer

"Superficial teaching produces superficial Christians."

"If we can't make the gospel compelling to a child, we can't make it compelling to anyone."

"Discipleship is us learning to live in the kingdom of God."

Jen Hatmaker

"What you attract them with is what you attract them to."

"Churches are the outcome of disciples making disciples."

"It is hard to live incarnationally and not make disciples. It’s shocking easy to do church and not make disciples."

Ron Deal

"Stepfamilies are complex."

"Look to restore a right view of marriage."

Chad Overton

"God works in the margin."

"Margin yields time and money."

Todd Meadows

"Purpose before practice. Being before doing. People before programs. Quality before quantity."

"Teach parents where they are, not where you want them to be."

Kurt Johnston

"The best leadership lessons are the ones you never saw coming."

"Remember why you got into ministry; to love people."

Scott Rubin

"What happens when no one sees?"

Tom Shefchaunas

"Leaders want to lead. So don't micromanage them."

Carol Barnier

"Be comfortable with questions."

"There is no question that will unravel God."

"Give Jesus room to lead and give people time to make Jesus their own."

Brain Haynes

"The job you've been called to is the expansion of the kingdom of God."

"Recruit to vision, not a slot."

"You won't move forward if there's no unity."