Join the 2020 Kids Ministry Leadership Cohort

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From January to June of 2020, I'll be leading a group of children's ministers in a unique leadership development experience.

You'll learn to assimilate and train volunteers, build a child protection policy for your church, and partner with parents. You'll be developed as a theologically driven, gospel-centered, mission-focused children’s ministry leader. Cost for this coaching cohort includes one in-person ministry retreat,  five conference calls, and five books.

Download more information here, or apply below.

“Jared has served as an incredible ministry coach in my life. He has helped me lay out a specific and detailed action plan for the church I serve in, held me accountable to it, and provided biblically-informed wisdom as I strive to accomplish this plan. However, as important as the church ministry is, Jared has a deep passion and concern for my personal and family life—leading me to set a similar plan for those areas as well.” Brent Cisson, Family Ministries Pastor, Heritage Fellowship, Medford, OR

Jared does an incredible job of helping you keep the gospel primary while helping you evaluate your ministry and develop and implement an action plan that will help it grow. Throughout and following the cohort, Jared is personable, accessible and ready to help. As a result of my time with him, our ministry has benefited and I have grown as a leader. Finally, Jared is a baller in arcade basketball (but I did beat him once)! Cody Timmerman, Prince Avenue Baptist Church, Athens, GA

Family Friday Links 10.27.17

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Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

We are KidMin had a post about free resources. No matter how big your ministry is, it’s hard to pass on free. This is helpful, check it out!

Greg Baird had a post on leadership. He says, “We all want to lead well.” He goes on to list 6 habits of that leaders need to have. Pastors (of any ministry) make sure these are true of you.

Home Front Magazine had a post on parental fear. If you’re a parent, you have fears … some of which you carry needlessly. Read this post to help start sorting through them.

What have you been benefiting from online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.

Family Friday Links 10.6.17

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Here's what we've found on the web this week. We hope it helps and encourages you like it did us.

Corey Jones had a post on leadership and its challenges.. He says, " Ministry can lead you to a place where your motivation and drive feel like a dry desert, screaming for water." He goes on to list several symptoms of the soul and how to take care of them. This is a good read for anyone in leadership.

Aaron Armstrong had a post about the importance of kids ministry. He wrote, "People give Kids Ministry a hard time because it seems to be all about playing games, handing out fishy crackers, and telling kids to be good. That’s not Kids Ministry, though. That’s babysitting. Kids Ministry is about making disciples." This is an encouragement those in the trenches as well as those thinking about serving in this vital are of ministry.

Gospel-Centered Parenting has a post on how to talk to kids about death. It reads, "But Jesus’ weeping wasn’t a hopeless weeping. Nor does ours need to be. For those who know Jesus, death is not the end." Parents, this is a topic we need to help are kids understand.

Trillia Newbell had a post entitled "An Open Letter to Children's Ministry Workers". She starts off this way, "The majority of the time, open letters are meant as a critique. This is not that. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even come close." This is a letter of encouragement. If you serve in any capacity of children's ministry, this post is for you. (... and she's giving away her new book away if you sign up in time, check it out).

What have you been reading online and benefitting from? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out!

Family Friday Links 4.28.17

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Craig Julia had a leadership post entitled "The 3 People Every Leader Needs In Their Life". He laments, "An isolated leader is an unhealthy one." He then goes on to list 3 relationships that help protect the heath of any leader.

The site Her View From Home had a post about questions to ask your kids about their day. It lists 50 questions that are better than, "How was your day?" Parents, these are conversation starters that will get your kids talking and get to what's going on in their hearts.

My (Pat's) friend Justin Dean had a great post on using technology wisely. While the post is aimed at parenting and kids use of tech, I think every member of the family wound benefit by these principles. He writes, "But if we want to raise virtuous kids, who have the ability for substantive sustained thought, we must not hamstring them by hijacking their brains with a constant flow of entertaining images for hours a day."

What have you been benefitting from online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.