Family Friday Links 2.24.17

Here's what we've found helpful online this week.

Corinne Noble had a post on discipling kids. She says, "Relationships are the key to discipling our kids and training them up to be Godly men and women." Discipleship start with relationship. If there is no deep, caring, committed relationship, can there truly be discipleship.

My friend, Tony Doppke, had a post on faithful ministry. It reads, " In order to be faithful to God and His Word, the Church needs to see the importance of these 5 essential features of ministry." He goes on to list and explain features that were present in the ministry of John the Baptist. This is a helpful read.

Steve Burchett had a post For the Church on what kids remember about their parents. He wrote, "But is parenting only about words? I don’t think so. Most adults, when sharing memories of their parents, don’t typically remember too much of what their mom or dad said, but how they lived." This is a key relationship where passionately modeling is critical because most important because "things are caught more than taught."

What have you found helpful online lately. Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.