Family Friday Links 1.6.17

Here we are in a new year with a fresh batch of online goodness:

Greg Baird had a post when and how to use the phrase, "I don't know". He starts out by saying, "This phrase can either greatly enhance your leadership, or greatly undermine it. It depends on what comes next." Read the article to see what he means by this.

Ligonier had a post about teaching. In it, RC Sproul says, "The great teacher can express the profound by the simple, without distortion. To do that requires a deep level of understanding." It's our understanding of a topic that will allow us to teach in a way that transforms, and is more that just information transmission. This is a great resource, especially for those who teach students.

Art Rainer had a great post on what to do when you feel overwhelmed. This happens easily to all sorts of people; parents, pastors, and even students. He says, "We all get overwhelmed." His list of ways to deal with it are extremely practical.

What have you been reading online in the new year? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.