Family Friday Links 10.11.19


A few weeks have been missed, sorry about that. Here’s what we’ve been reading online lately:

Adriel Sanchez had a post on Core Christianity had a post about spiritual immaturity. It starts this way, “Faithfully going to church doesn’t automatically make you a mature Christian.” The author goes on to list 3 signs of spiritual immaturity and ends each section with practical solutions. This is good for parents and pastors to help their students grow.

Dan Istvanik had a post about appropriate relationships with students. In a day and age where headlines are filled with pastors having inappropriate relationships with people in their care, this is timely. He lists 4 things pastors need to be aware of in their own behavior that can have dangerous consequences.

Nichole Lino had a post on helping kids transition into “big” church. She says, “My sacrifice of training and modeling is actually what God expects of me in my role as a parent of the children he has entrusted to me.” She goes on to list 14 practical suggestions of how to do this well.

What have you been reading and benefitting from online? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.