Family Friday Links 10.6.16

Here's what we've been reading this week online:

Sam Luce wrote a post on teaching kids about the Trinity and why it's important. He wrestles with the reality, "The problem with explaining something so complex to kids is we look for a solid object to explain such abstract truths." We have the responsibility as parents and pastors to teach these things to our kids. If you're looking for ways to do this, start here.

Kenny Conley had a post for children pastors/leaders on doing less. He says, "Doing less means I have far more time to make sure that everything we do is incredible. Doing less means I have far more time to invest in volunteers to ensure they’re truly impacting their kids." This is something we need to think through.

Timothy Paul Jones had a post on leadership and its ties to the family. Speaking on the qualifications for elders from 1 Timothy 3:2-7 he wrote, "Paul plowed through administrative and teaching skills in only a few words, yet he invested nearly one-third of this text in issues related to the pastor’s home life." We all talk about this a lot, but how seriously are we taking it?

What have you been benefitting from online recently? Leave us a link and brief description in the comment section and we'll check it out.