Family Friday Links 11.14.14

Here we are at the end of our second week ... with links that we've found helpful and encouraging from around the web.

Youthministry360 had a post about the danger of ministry survival mode. It reads, "Survival mode is the enemy of effective ministry!" The post goes on to explain what is needed to avoid doing ministry this way. This post is helpful for any pastor or ministry leader, not just youth pastors.

Relevant Magazine had a post on lies Christian parents believe. It says in part, "... persistent myths that stymie and cripple effective Christian parenting, particularly as it relates to the spiritual life of a child in the first five years." Parents these are myths you need to be familiar with. Pastors here are ways to encourage  the parents of kids and students in your ministries.

Church Leaders had a post on things churches do that keep them from reaching kids. It says, "The reason kids are not coming could be because you are unintentionally doing one or more of the following ..." What are the following? Go read the post.

The Gospel Coalition had a post how parenting teaches parents to be better children of God. It reads, "Habakkuk is essentially appealing to the Lord to say 'no' to his children, to stop allowing them to dishonor his name." This is an encouraging read for parents.

Huffington Post had a post asking the question "Are we raising a generation of helpless kids?" It reads, "But why have parents shifted from teaching self-reliance to becoming hovering helicopter parents who want to protect their children at all costs?" Parents this is another one for you.

Desiring God posted an audio file in their "Ask John Piper" series on the role of family worship. This is a great reminder of the importance.

What have you found helpful from the web? Leave a comment for us to check out.