Family Friday Links 11.16.18

friday links.png

This is truly a family Friday … all the week’s posts are about family.

The Gospel Coalition had a post by Cameron Cole wrote referencing Psalm 127 about kids being gifts from God. He wrote, “When we see our children as a gift, our need to control and micromanage subsides. Certainly, we take responsibility for the gift, but nobody clutches and chokes a present to make it perfect. We hold it loosely with gratitude.“ Parents, this is helpful as we seek to help our kids grow.

Our friend Marty Machowski wrote a post on parenting as well. With another reference Psalm 127, he wrote, “We were never meant to parent alone. We need God’s strong hands to build our house, and we need his all-seeing eyes to watch over our children, guarding the walls of the city. We fail our children if we attempt to parent them alone.” Parents, this post reminds us that need for communion with God and his people even in something so personal as raising our kids.

The ERLC site had a post by Mary C. Wiley on helping our kids love Jesus. The post reads, “What we teach our kids must be from what God is doing in our hearts.“ We can’t give to our kids what we don’t possess ourselves. If we as parents aren’t growing, they won’t be either.

What have you been reading online lately and benefiting from? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.