Family Friday Links 12.2.16

Here, at the beginning of the Christmas season are some online resources we've found helpful:

Tim Challies put together a post of books teens should read. He says, "... each of them is suited to twenty-first century teenaged readers and together they will provide a foundation for the Christian life that will prove both deep and wide." Parents lead the way in giving your teens great resources. Use them as conversation starters or even for family devotions. You will learn right alongside them.

The Desiring God site had a post by Kristin Tabb on kids in worship. She describes it this way, "What you want is refreshment and inspiration; what you get is low-level tension, discomfort, and distraction as you brace yourself for what might happen next." She goes on to explain both the weariness and the wonder of it all. Parent's of little one, read this and be encouraged.

Our friend, Timothy Paul Jones, wrote a post entitled, "Advent: The Difficult Discipline of Celebrating the Waiting". In it he writes, "... Advent reminds me that time is far too precious to be killed, even when that time is spent looking ahead. Advent is a proclamation of the sufficiency of Christ through the discipline of waiting." He goes on to explain the meaning of waiting and its importance.

What have you been reading or writing online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.