Family Friday Links 12.9.16

Here is what we've been encouraged by online this week:

Stephen Witmer had a post the Desiring God site on parenting in the light of eternity. He wrote, "The problem is that children who don’t persevere through difficulty become young adults who can’t deal with failure." Parents we need posts like this to remind of what's really important and how to get there.

Orange Leaders had a post by Robert Carnes on kids and failure. He concludes this way, "Failure can present us with a new opportunity. Looking at a perceived mistake from a new perspective can help us to understand how God uses failure to guide us in a new direction." This a good read for parents and pastors alike as we seek to walk with students through their failures.

The Acts 29 Church Planting Network has a post from a church plant in Paris about the kids and church. It reminds us, "We must be intentional in our inclusion of Jesus’ youngest disciples." This is a great reminder for parents and pastors.

What have been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.