Family Friday Links 2.5.16

Here's our weekly list of things we've found helpful and encouraging on the web:

Ray Ortlund had a great post on the Crossway blog for dads. He starts the post this way, "I have a word of advice for young dads: enjoy it." He says young dads, where I think it's good advice for all dads. Ortlund goes on to give an explaination in this short blog post that even has a video component.

Keith Ferrin had a great post on identity. This post is a helpful reminder for all of as we live godly lives in a sinful world. They reminders can and should lead to experiencing the kind of freedom that comes from a victorious life.

Craig Jutila had a post (from last year) entitled "The New Workaholics - Our Children!" He's asking the question, "Can you say no to an opportunity for your children?" This is a healthy question to be asking, not only of our kid's schedules, but of ours as well.

Joel Littlefield wrote a post on children's discipline and how it needs to be shaped by doctrine. He writes, "One of the best ways to connect discipline with doctrine in a child’s mind is to proactively introduce the doctrine at the time of the discipline and to do so every time." Parents, your children need both and this post will be helpful.

Cameron Cole (the chairman of Rooted) had a post on the Crossway blog entitled, "The Most Important Part of Youth Ministry". He says, "... when a youth worker or volunteer focuses on the gospel of salvation, his or her time addresses the single most critical matter in any person’s life." Parent's encourage the youth pastor in your child's life. Youth Pastor's partner with the primary spiritual influence in your student's life - their parents. Together you both can accomplish much more than either can do alone.

What have you been reading online? Leave us a link in the comment section for us to check out.