Family Friday Links 3.6.15

Here's what we've been reading online this past week:

Dale Hudson had a post on pastor's kids. He wrote tragically, "People carry deep wounds from growing up in homes where ministry came first and family second." Pastor's, ministry leaders - take this warning seriously.

LifeWay Kids had a great post on leadership development. It reads, " Leadership Development is about an outcome.  Jesus, through His ministry, showed us an incredible model of investing in and developing leaders. So how can we develop potential leaders?  We have to build the foundation, just like Jesus did." Are you developing leaders? Are you developing yourself?

The Rooted blog had a great post the importance and impact of parents. It reads, "Parents, you matter more than you realize. The impact you have on your kids will last for generations, and that’s not an exaggeration. Moms, you play a hugely important role in your children’s lives; be encouraged and know that this piece on dads is in no way meant to diminish your significance. Dads, show your kids what a strong and godly man looks like: how he plays, how he works, how he puts other people’s needs before his own, how he protects, and how he prays. The example you set for your children is something they will never forget." Parents, be encouraged.

Ed Stetzer had a post contrasting the statistics of youth dropouts vs. disciples. He says, "When teenagers see an active, practiced faith in their parents and other positive examples at church, they will stop being dropouts and start being disciples." This should encourage both parents and pastors to be intentional with the time they have.

Don Whitney wrote a post on the family worship practices of C.H. Spurgeon. Whitney concludes the post this way, "Despite his innumerable and important responsibilities, Spurgeon made the privileges and delights of family worship a priority. How about you?"

Jen Thorn had a post on boredom. She wrote, "The problem lies in my thinking. Since God creates my days and everything in it I should view all things that I do as spiritual. They are all assignments from God, from sharing the gospel to unclogging the toilet. All of it is work created by God for me to do this day." Great perspective we all need.

Jonathan Parnell had a post on what it means to be a parent. It reads, "There is a war on children, and we are all, in one way or another, playing some role in it. Every time we move forward as faithful parents (or care for kids in any capacity, including advocating for the voiceless not yet born, and volunteering for nursery duty on Sundays), we are wrestling demons — because there is little the demons hate more than little children." Are you prepared to fight this battle?

What have you been reading online this week? Leave a comment and maybe even a link for us to check out.