Family Friday Links 5.12.17

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Sam Luce this week shared a post on the Sufficiency of Christ. Sam says, "Throughout life, we can come to see the sufficiency of Christ by accident or on purpose. There are so many things in this media saturated, social media frenzied life we live that lie to us and our kids. We hear 'If you only had this or that then you would be enough.' The sad reality is far too often we spend the best years of our lives chasing that lie. What we need and our kids need is a life that is lived enjoying the substance of life rather than languishing in the shadows pretending that we are satisfied by them. At some point, the things we put our hope in will let us down and we will be confronted with the sufficiency of Christ that we will have to embrace or reject. I came to my understanding of Christ’s sufficiency on accident. I want my kids to see the sufficiency of Christ on purpose. I want them to see Christ as enough as kids." Share in the comments how you are helping your kids see the sufficiency of Christ.

Mike Breen shared had a podcast about the Family as Mission. Breen says, "The family should swing toward mission, produce fruit, and then be prepared to be pruned back from all of the external activities it’s doing, come back to a place of rest and abiding, and allow those times of healing and regeneration where Jesus says, “Abide in my love. Let my words abide in you.” Does your family have any rhythms? 

As we prepare for mother's day this weekend here is a 7 minute video with Noel Piper, Kathleen Nielson, and Gloria Furman on How to Encourage Young Mothers. Included in this link are several other related videos you should check out. 

Micheal Kelly posted about Three Things Not to Say When your Child Fails. Michael says, "Like their parents before them, our kids are going to fail. And for us as their parents, failure is one of the best opportunities to remind our kids of the gospel – for it’s in the gospel that we know that God enters into our sadness with us, loves us as we are, and will help us persevere to the end." What are some ways you encourage your child? 

Please share in the comments what you have been reading this week!