Family Friday Links 5.12.17

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Sam Luce this week shared a post on the Sufficiency of Christ. Sam says, "Throughout life, we can come to see the sufficiency of Christ by accident or on purpose. There are so many things in this media saturated, social media frenzied life we live that lie to us and our kids. We hear 'If you only had this or that then you would be enough.' The sad reality is far too often we spend the best years of our lives chasing that lie. What we need and our kids need is a life that is lived enjoying the substance of life rather than languishing in the shadows pretending that we are satisfied by them. At some point, the things we put our hope in will let us down and we will be confronted with the sufficiency of Christ that we will have to embrace or reject. I came to my understanding of Christ’s sufficiency on accident. I want my kids to see the sufficiency of Christ on purpose. I want them to see Christ as enough as kids." Share in the comments how you are helping your kids see the sufficiency of Christ.

Mike Breen shared had a podcast about the Family as Mission. Breen says, "The family should swing toward mission, produce fruit, and then be prepared to be pruned back from all of the external activities it’s doing, come back to a place of rest and abiding, and allow those times of healing and regeneration where Jesus says, “Abide in my love. Let my words abide in you.” Does your family have any rhythms? 

As we prepare for mother's day this weekend here is a 7 minute video with Noel Piper, Kathleen Nielson, and Gloria Furman on How to Encourage Young Mothers. Included in this link are several other related videos you should check out. 

Micheal Kelly posted about Three Things Not to Say When your Child Fails. Michael says, "Like their parents before them, our kids are going to fail. And for us as their parents, failure is one of the best opportunities to remind our kids of the gospel – for it’s in the gospel that we know that God enters into our sadness with us, loves us as we are, and will help us persevere to the end." What are some ways you encourage your child? 

Please share in the comments what you have been reading this week! 


Family Friday Links 1.27.17

Here's what we've found helpful online this week:

Christian Embree had a post about discipleship and family movie night. She concern and emphasis here is finding ways of, "Inviting Jesus into the everyday ...". Movies (and TV shows) can lead into great conversations that have real spiritual impact, if we are intentional with the time. 

Jon McGalthery over at Just Married Ministries had a great post the toughness of marriage. He says, "Marriage isn’t so tough after allBut remaining patient? That’s tough. Considering another before myself? That’s hard. Admitting when I am wrong, swallowing my pride and embracing humility? Asking for forgiveness? Overcoming heartache and pain, or deception and broken trust? Seeing past another’s sin? Recognizing my own sin? All of that is tough. Denying myself or dying to myself? Man—that is hard work. Picking up my cross and bearing it? That is tough." His point is clear, it's not marriage itself that is tough, but our attitude towards those we are closest to that is the real battle.

John Piper over at Desiring God had a great post for moms entitled What If I Ruin My Kids. He wrote, "There are glories in motherhood that every woman should think about and embrace and rejoice in as God calls them to motherhood. And when I say “glories,” I don’t necessarily mean things that are easy, but things that are profoundly significant and beautiful and precious in God’s sight and essential for his purposes in the world." Moms are important and need to be encouraged.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section for us to check out.

Family Friday Links 5.29.15

Tim Challes posted an article about author Puritan John Flavel. Flavel gives 8 Items for Christian Parents to Ponder. Challes writes, " He (John Flavel) wants you, the parent, to seriously consider the responsibility that God has entrusted to you for each one of your children. And, at least for me, each of them felt like a gut-punch. He offers these 8 considerations, asking that you would ponder each one and allow them to motivate you to call your children to respond to the gospel."

Helen Lee posted with the Verge Network wrote a good article titled 3 Key Words for Moms. Lee writes, "So missional living, even when we find ourselves busy with managing our households, is something that can be done at any stage of motherhood, and it helps to provide a sense of balance that orients us properly to the primary calling that God has given each one of us. I hope you find these words helpful to you as you seek to find ways to live for God’s mission in whatever season of life you are in."

Timothy Paul Jones wrote a blog on Leadership titled: Three Crucial Priorities for Shepherd Leaders.  Jones writes, " What this young man needed wasn’t merely an improvement in his people skills—though, frankly, he could have used that too. What he needed was to understand the difference between cattle and sheep. Cattle might meander among the oaks of Bashan or find themselves being fattened in pens (Amos 4:1; 6:4); either way, their tending never required their keepers to live among them. Sheep, on the other hand, need a shepherd, and shepherds live among their sheep." Good insight on how to shepherd the people who are in our care. 

Ryan Huguley wrote a blog entitled Three Rhythms For Family Devotions for the site For The Church. Huguley says, "How we practice these three rhythms will vary based on our family make-up, the ages of our kids, and the season of our lives. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get up in your head. Don’t over-complicate it. Look for every opportunity to talk with your kids about Jesus and use family devotions to spawn those conversations. Read together. Sing together. Pray together. It’s that simple."

Family Friday Links 5.8.15

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

Family Matters had a post to encourage parents entitled "The Things I Did Right". It reads, " I decided to make note of the things I did right as a stepmom, rather than linger over the things I’ve done wrong." This is helpful because parenting is hard.

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) had a post on raising non-narcissistic children. It says, "... the 'you are so special, so smart, so beautiful, so talented, so gifted—you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be—mantra' is often believed, and our children suffer because of it." The author goes on to give suggestions on how this can be prevented.

A friend of mine (Pat) and member at the church I pastor continued to share her experience of losing her child, and the mercy she's discovered through it. She writes, " Mercy is unnatural.  I mean, you get what you deserve... right?  But when it's freely given... such relief... peace." She a shining example of how to suffer well.

Don Whitney started a series of posts on equipping the generations. His first post focuses on motherhood. He writes, "Seasons change in everyone’s lives, and perhaps there is no more radical change that occurs in the life of a woman than the one that happens the day her first child arrives." Moms, be encouraged and refreshed by this post and series.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.