Family Friday Links 6.19.15


Here is our weekly list of thinks we've been reading on the interwebs this week:

The Ministry-To-Children had a post about dealing with angry parents. If you are a leader or pastor in Children's ministry you will, last some point, deal with this. The post wraps up this way, "Don’t allow anyone to bully you but don’t shut your self off from criticism. No one is perfect. If you made a mistake own up to it, if you didn’t, be gracious. Remember that it isn’t just the child that needs you. Sometimes parents do too." Go read it and she how the author got there!

Dale Hudson had a post on how children's ministry leaders earn respect. He starts the post by saying, "Do people respect you as a leader?  If you're counting on a title to bring you respect, you will be sadly disappointed.  While a title may bring you a little respect, it is the lowest form of respect.  You see, respect is earned." He then goes on to list 5 ways respect is earned. Pastors and leaders, this is helpful to keep in mind.

Connected Families had a post about kids and repentance. This post reminds parents it is, "... kindness that [will] lead [kids] toward repentance' (Romans 2:11). Parents, this is a reminder that "attitude" needs to be addressed with grace.

Kenny Conley wrote about career kidmin. In the post he gives, "reason why the 'career kidmin perspective is limited. This is helpful because sometimes God's plans for our career are bigger (... and always better ...) that ours. Be open to what God has planned and don't limit yourself or your ministry.

What are you reading online and finding helpful and/or encouraging? Leave a link in the comment section to check out!