Family Friday Links 12.5.14

Here is our weekly offering of blog posts we've found helpful as we've been online this week:

Jen Wilkin wrote a post for The Gospel Coalition on the problem of when dad doesn't disciple. She tackles a the difficult topic of believing dads who are often times absent and what moms can do about it. She writes. "Prayer for dad's heart and for the hearts of the children should always be the first action mom pursues, both in the home where is spiritually present and also in home where he is not." Parents this is a worthwhile read (Dad's ... it's time to check your game and priorities).

Michael Bayne had a post on about the unexpected(ness) of ministry. He wrote, "One of the crazy thing about ministry and serving the church is you never know what kind of challenge will be facing you each morning when you start your day in the office." He goes on to give some very practical advice (which, if I reveal here, you won't go read). Pastors this is helpful.

Dale Hudson wrote a post on Relevant Children's Ministry listing some great kidmin quotes. This is an encouraging read for those involved in children's ministry. 

Ed Stetzer had a post on Christianity Today about reasons young adults leave church. This is a factual article with true stats and reasons. He wrote, "Young adults drop out of church because their faith isn't their own." As pastors we need to be more concerned about making true, mature disciples than a group of head nodders that claim to agree because that's what they think will appease Mom and Dad.

David Murray had a post on his blog about words teens need to hear in order to succeed. He writes of 3 such words that all start with the letter "F". Parents, leaders help your students understand and practice these words.

Tru ministry had a post on risks leaders must take. It reads in part, "Leaders must be risk taker and have think skin to weather the tough storms of disappointment and the losses we sometimes face." Leaders, read this and apply it to your hearts and ministries.

That about wraps up this week's list. What have you been reading online? Leave us a comment and maybe a link to check out.