Family Friday Links 7.26.29


While I’ve missed a few weeks due to … the busyness of life and ministry, here’s what we’ve been reading online the past several weeks:

Lindsay Carlson had a post on Desiring God on raising teens and the importance of listening. It reads, “Your teenager’s words offer a glimpse inside his heart.” It’s tempting for parent’s to want to correct without getting to the underlying problem.

A friend, Sarah Hauser, wrote a very open, honest, and raw look at the importance of family. She wrote, “They’ve mothered me, even though I thought that possibility passed away with my own mom.” This is a good read for those dealing with grief and loss and the importance of having community.

Our friend Sam Luce had a post on “The Talk”, every parents worst fear. He recommends, “You should no longer have “The Talk” but rather an ongoing conversation starting at around age 4 or 5.” Our kids are getting introduced to things much earlier than in the past (, before they are ready; therefore, parents need to be really earlier as well.

What have you been benefitting from online this week? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out!