Family Friday Links 8.2.19


Here’s what we’ve been reading online recently:

Joe Carter had a post on the Gospel Coalition site on helping kids study the Bible. He lists what to help kids see as they study and then ends this way, “Studying the Bible is difficult work that requires focus and attention—two traits children often lack. Be patient with them and don’t expect too much over a brief time.” Parents it’s not enough that your kids read the Bible, but that they actually study it. This will help in that pursuit.

J. Warner Wallace had a post on the Ministry Spark site on kids and Christian confidence. He lists several things to be doing in order to support the faith of the next generation. The critical question we should be asking is this: “What do I need to do to strengthen the relationships I have with my kids so I can continue to speak into their lives and become the kind of person they want to engage on these issues?” Parents, this is well worth your time.

My friend Scott Kedersha had another great post on marriage and how to rebuild trust once it’s been broken. He list 6 things that are essential to this process. He ends the post this way: “The world tells us couples can’t heal from infidelity. The world is wrong.” God can do and does what seems impossible for man.

What have you been benefitting from online recently? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out!