Family Friday Links 8.12.16


Our friends at Story Catechism are starting a 30 Day Back to School Challenge. They will be posting everyday on social media and on their blog. The Story Catechism site says, "Would you consider joining us for a 30 day back 2 school prayer challenge? For the next 30 days you and your family will embark on a journey to discover the heart of God. Prayer has a powerful way of connecting us to the three most important questions we can ever answer: who is God? what has he done? what is He doing? Join us Monday August 15th!"

I came across this blog post entitled There Is Grace in Disability by Kara Dedert at the site Special Needs Parenting. Kara says ,"God’s grace has sustained us in deep lament. God’s grace has kept us from walking away in deep struggles of faith. God’s grace allows Calvin to be filled with joy and happiness in his disability. God’s grace has shown us more of His love for us as we care for Calvin. God’s grace has surprised us with unexpected joy in difficult places. God’s grace has made eternal reality more clear and our hope in Christ more urgent."

Christina Embree at Refocus Ministry wrote a blog on welcoming children in your ministry. Christina writes, "But what if we thought, “How can I let this child who is coming to worship service, to Sunday school, to Kids Church, to small group, know that they are wanted, missed, and loved?” 

Jason K. Allen at For The Church wrote a Blog on Balancing Ministry and Family Time. Dr. Allen writes, "If we really believe in the glory of the church and of the splendor of God’s call to ministry, then it is not something from which we shield our families. We should expose them to it. I have learned that often times choosing between family and ministry is a false choice. Why not just bring them along?"

Do you have any thoughts on these articles? What are you reading this week? Please comment below.