Family Friday Links 8.19.16

Here's what we've seen online this week:

Barnabas Piper wrote a post on what pastors' kids need from church. He wrote, "(Pastors' kids) ... feel like people are always watching. The fact that you know personal things about them makes them hyper aware of you watching, listening, knowing." As pastors ourselves, we do our best to protect our families. Here's how the church can help.

Josh Squires had a post about parenting and "binge watching". He says, "... if I want to shepherd my children toward responsibility and self-control in their screen usage, the content should be appropriate, the amount of time spent should be appropriate, and their emotional attachment should be appropriate." Parents, even screen time is an opportunity for discipleship and heart work.

Sam Luce had a photo post on parenting. He starts it out with way, "Kids are a joy. Kids are the best thing ever. Kids are also a lot." The photos that follow are funny in ways we can all relate to. The encouragement with this post is to remember, as parents, you aren't alone.

What articles have helped or encouraged you this week? Leave us a link in the comment section and we'll check it out.