Family Friday Links 11.13.15

Here are some of the insightful posts on the web this week: 

John Murchison on the Verge website posted a helpful article on, "How To Tell if Your Child is Ready for Baptism". Murchison states, "Baptism is an important step that a believer in Christ takes to share with the world that they are a Christian. As your children see others get baptized, or read about Jesus getting baptized in their Bibles, they may begin to ask if they can get baptized. While this desire is always an occasion to rejoice, it’s important for parents to discern whether or not a child understands and believes the gospel before saying “yes” to this request."

Desiring God posted an interview with John Piper on Six Ways Parents of Rebellious Children Fight for FaithAn excerpt from the interview Piper says, "What our children need from us most is to see joyful, hopeful, peaceful, obedient, trusting God, resting in God. And the biblical answer to the question — How do we keep trusting God in this and every situation? — is surely given probably most clearly in Romans 10:17: “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”.

Andrew and Rachel Wilson posted on Premier Christianity an article on children with special needs. In the post entitled, "When Life Gives You Oranges" Andrew and Rachel say, " Special needs, like the orange, are unexpected. We didn’t plan for them, and we didn’t anticipate them. Because our children are such a beautiful gift, we often feel guilty for even saying this, but we might as well admit that we didn’t want our children to have autism, any more than we wanted them to have Down’s, or cerebral palsy, or whatever else."

Tim Price from Harvest Ministry Resources wrote on, 5 Steps Toward Mission Minded KidsOne of the points that Tim makes is that, "1)  Adults must live a mission focused life and kids will naturally pick up on it.  What does it take for us to live a life of missions?  Have you recently been on a mission trip?  Has your family joined you?  Have you helped with local missions?  Is it your nature to allow for time in your schedule to help and serve? Lead the way!"

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Family Friday Links 7.10.15

Here's what we've been reading online lately.

Russell Moore wrote a post on the hot topic of the moment, talking to your kids about same-sex marriage. He ended to post this way, "Marriage isn’t ultimately about living arrangements or political structures, but about the gospel. When your children ask about the Supreme Court, be loving and winsome and honest and convictional and kind." Parents, we have to be ready for the questions that will come; and we have to be ready to start those hard conversations. This post will help.

Brian Dollar had a post about kids and listening. He says, "So many parents feel like they have more success talking to a brick wall than to their child (especially their teenager).  Part of the reason for that is the tendency for parents to “talk down” to their kids." Parents, we (and by that I'm especially including myself) can learn from this.

Joe Rigney had a post on when to baptize believing children. He makes a distinction between a credible profession of faith and a mature profession of faith. He defines them this way, "A credible profession means simply a believable profession ... A mature profession is one made by a responsible adult." The difference is critical because the responsibility is real. This is a hard issue for both parents and churches, but this post helps.

Mike Breen had a post on youth ministry, asking the question, "Is it working?" This post is an interview with Rich Atkinson about his book Target. Rich says, "The enemy that I really wanted to take on with this book is the enemy of hopelessness that means people simply give up." Hopelessness is huge, especially among those of younger generations. If you are involved in youth ministry or have teens yourself, this is a helpful read and resource.

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