Family Friday Links 3.16.18

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Here's what we've being learning from on the old inter webs this week:

Mark Merrill had a link to a podcast that reminds parents of things they should do everyday. Parents, your kids need these things from you, so give it to them.

Josh Lofthus had a great post on forgiveness. He wrote, "When we do not seek forgiveness we are short-changing ourselves. We are missing out on the best part of reconciliation." As either parents or pastors, we need to be modeling this regularly if we expect others to do it as well.

The Gospel Centered Parenting site had a post on the confidence. It reads, "And here’s the counter-intuitive effect of being humble - with that humility will come a deep confidence and assurance." This is kind of confidence our kids need, not the kind of confidence that comes from comparison.

What have been reading online lately and benefiting from? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.

Family Friday Links 6.2.17

Here's what we've been finding helpful online this week:

All Pro Dad had a post by Tony Dungy on what kids need from their dads. There's a couple minute video there Dungy explains his answer. While this answer isn't necessarily unique, and will look differently for different dads, it is no less valuable for all. Dad's, you need to take his answer seriously and put his advise into practice.

Mark Merrill had a post on saying sorry. He's addressing the unintentional things we do or say that hurt someone else. He lists 6 steps to walk through to say sorry well. This is well worth all of time to consider these things because we all do or say things that unintentionally hurt others.

My (Pat's) pastor and friend, Joe Thorn, had post on the topic of contentment. He wrote, "Contentment is born of grace, not goods." He goes on to discuss how suffering and contentment work together. This is another read we all need.

What have you been encouraged by online? Leave a link in the comment section to check out.

Family Friday Links 7.8.16

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Dale Hudson had a post on  on the topic of children's ministry. He lists three trends that ministries have to follow in order to thrive. He reminds readers, "We must remember…the message is sacred…the methods are not." While I see his point, my fear is that the message gets lost (or at the very least watered down) when the method is constantly in flux. This is good food for thought though.

Our friend, Sam Luce, wrote a post on the problems with making kids say sorry. He writes, " The problem with saying sorry is sorry can be used to gloss over sin. Repentance digs deeper to the root of sin." Parents, this is a good post for you especially as your kids get older.

Tim Challies had a post for husbands. It lists 4 marks of a godly husband's love. If you are a husband go read it. If you have a husband encourage him to read it. If you ever want to be married this is a good list for the qualifications.

Barnabas Piper had a post helping the kids of pastors. The post list questions that pastors should be asking their kids. As a former "pastor's kid", he's in the perfect position to speak authoritatively on this topic. If you are a pastor with kids, check this out.

What have you been reading online lately? If you've found it helpful, leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.