Family Friday Links 1.5.18

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Happy New Year! Here's what we've been reading online lately.

Greg Baird has a post on volunteer training. He lists 13 ways to accomplish this important task. This well worth the time of any leader of any children's or youth ministry.

Jason Allen had a post on leading kids to Christ. He writes what every parent feels, "I feel the weight—and glory—of this stewardship daily and find immeasurable fulfillment and joy as I see my children taking steps toward Christ." He goes on to list 10 tips, and they are valuable, check them out.

The Gospel Coalition had a post reviewing a modern, secular view of marriage. It warns against selfishness in marriage. The post concludes this way, "To marry is to give yourself away to find that you gained another person, and that your union exudes more life than the calculated transactions between two allied individuals." This is a valuable read for those married as well as those thinking about it.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.

Family Friday Links 1.30.15

Here is our weekly list of things we've been reading online lately:

LifeWay Kids had a great post on lessons in leadership. It reads, "Begin praying for a vision for what God wants to do in and through you. Gather people together and allow them to dream with you." Leaders, this is the kind of list that is easy to read and challenging to put into practice; but it worth the effort.

The Verge Network had a post on the importance of re-delcaring vision. In it, the author says, "Leaders often fail to remind because they 'don't want to say the same things." They feel then need to bring something fresh, something new. This is a mistake. We all need reminding." This is another great reminder for leaders.

Dale Hudson wrote a post on Children's ministry influence over a lifetime. It this post he writes, "The fruit you see now is just the beginning. When you influence a influence them for a lifetime." This is a great encouragement for teachers and helpers who serve in your ministries.

KidzMatter had a post how much a volunteer's time is worth. It reads, "The study suggests that a volunteer's time is worth $20.85 per hour ... When I really thought about it though, I had to admit $20 for an eternal investment is pretty cheap." This should remind us leaders to be more thankful for the volunteers who sacrifice so much time and energy to see the kingdom of God proclaimed.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a comment and link and we will check it out.